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Contemporary Global Fashion in NYC


David Fashion Studio is the brain child of a clothing expert who has been a designer for decades, a professor of the Fashion Institute since 1986, and has been involved with technical pattern making and clothing manufacturing since the 1970s. David Johnson specializes in production patent services, clothing customization, hand bead work; and bulk garment orders for menswear, evening gowns, ladies clothing, and more.  His premiere areas of expertise are contemporary fashion, and western garments influenced by the fashions of India and Jakarta.







Learn more about David Johnson’s background as clothing designer, his experience as a Fashion Institute professor, his pattern making experience and more. He brings decades of experience to David Fashion Studio.







David Fashion Studio specializes in production patent services, bulk garment orders for stores, custom clothing making, and intricate custom bead work. This NYC based contemporary fashion studio specializes in evening gowns, menswear, t-shirts, women’s fashion, and more.


Men & Women's Fashion


David Fashion Studio combines  contemporary fashion with the western garments and patterns from countries like India and Jakarta. It is created by a technical pattern maker with decades of experience in clothing design and teaching at the Fashion Institute. Check out examples of his customized clothing here.

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